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Botanica Balearica

Dulce works with pressed flowers to create original wall art and pendants using the Tiffany technique.

Botánica Baleárica

Originally from a small province in the north of Argentina, Dulce arrived in Mallorca in 2019. She creates all of her work from her small workshop on the island and feels lucky that she is able to work with her hands. Dulce creates beautiful pieces using pressed wild flowers from Mallorca which she places in a frame of metal and glass using the Tiffany technique. The result is a unique piece of natural art from Mallorca that makes a wonderful gift. The smaller ones can be worn as pendants and the larger ones hung on walls to decorate your home. For more information see @botanicabalearica.

“With freshly pressed flowers from Mallorca Dulce's work makes a perfect souvenir or a piece of truly local art.”